2022 Product Sponsors - Route66 Ultra Run

2022 Product Sponsors

2022 Product Sponsors

We thank the following companies for sponsoring the inaugural Route 66 UltraRun from Seligman, AZ to Topock66 Colorado River November 11-13, 2022, by providing products for our participants’ race bags and/or amazing product giveaways for our Awards Banquet raffle. It is our honor to introduce these quality companies and their products to those that somehow have heard of them yet, or reinforce their love of these amazing companies they already support. Either way, we appreciate the support of all of our product sponsors.


Born in the Mountains, KÜHL is many things.

KÜHL is art at its highest, captivating all dimensions: beauty, desire, logic and reason. Never satisfied with current standards, KÜHL questions everything and is always searching and questioning the norm. KÜHL combines the study of body mechanics with a focus on fit while your body is in motion. KÜHL is passion, at the crossroads where beauty and desire meet logic and reason. KÜHL is always innovating, combining art, science and pure craftsmanship with groundbreaking designs that change the status-quo and set new benchmarks. Born from their rebellious philosophy to question everything, break the rules and reject the status quo, KÜHL focuses on the freedom of movement.

Kuhl supported the Stray Dogs in the World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji, including Route 66 UltraRun Race Directors Heather (team assistant crew) and athletes Marshall Ulrich and Medical Team leader Dr. Bob Haugh by providing all of the clothing for Team Stray Dogs’ uniforms, and more casual clothing for pre- and post-race events. [use small photo KUHL Stray Dogs .jpg as appropriate] The Stray Dogs had the KÜHL-est, most functional, and best-looking uniforms in the race, hands down. KÜHL’s support then, and continued support now, is appreciated and valued more than we can express. Many other members of the Route 66 UltraRun Team and our friends and family wear KÜHL . . . a lot! Meaning, it’s about the only thing you’ll see them wearing.

Thus, it truly is our honor to share all that KÜHL is and that we believe in with all of our participants, and with all of you. Thanks for your support KÜHL!


From inspiration to innovation to an evolution, Altra Running was founded on an innovative approach to running shoes. In just 10 years, Altra has gone from the back room of a specialty running store to the front of the pack on roads and trails across the world. Wide-lacing shoes inspired a FootShape™ design. A household toaster oven inspired Balanced Cushioning. That’s the foundation of Altra Running: innovative, disruptive thinking.

Altra supported the Stray Dogs in the World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji by providing their incredible shoes for the entire team, including the Ulrich’s and Dr. Bob. Route 66 UltraRun ‘Gonzo Media Pro’ Rick Baraff is a member of Altra RED Team USA. Our friends and family wear Altra’s, whether for running or ‘just’ to have a well-fitting, comfortable, cushioned shoe that supports them and avoids pain from being on their feet all day. So, yes, the Route 66 UltraRun team are all-in believers in the actual FootShape™ design of Altra’s. Why aren’t all shoes, especially running shoes, actually designed to fit the human foot? We don’t know, but we appreciate and promote the fact that Altra has figure it out and make the best running shoes available.

Rhino Skin

Rhino makes earth grown topical performance products for skin, muscles and joints. Rhino pledges to be a responsible company by donating at least 1% of sales to nonprofits and community building events we believe in.  Rhino also currently buys renewable energy offsets and will be 100% solar powered by the end of 2023. The Route 66 UltraRun is grateful for the very generous product sponsorship from Rhino Skin and we’re pleased to introduce the company to our participants and to all of our


ENGO Blister Prevention Patches