Need To Know – Route66 Ultra Run

Need To Know


Arrive in Arizona no later than Thursday morning November 10

Pre-Race meeting Thursday afternoon November 10

  • Seligman, AZ – Specific time and place to be determined

Race start Friday, November 11, 7 AM

  • In Seligman in front of Angel’s Barbershop, Historic Route 66

Race cutoff 60 hours: Sunday, November 13, 7 PM

Post Race Party, Sunday, November 13, 6 PM – 9 PM

RACE route

Journey through 140 miles of iconic Americana on Route 66! The Route 66 UltraRun follows the longest remaining unbroken stretched of Route 66, from Seligman to Topock66, AZ.

Route 66 UltraRun Course Map with Mileage Markers.

You can zoom in to get more detail. Select the mountain icon on the lower left to see the elevation profile, and scroll along the profile to see some of these key facts.

Start Elevation:
Finish Elevation:
Highest Elevation:
Net Gain:
Net Drop:
Sitgreaves Pass:

5,258 feet
477 feet (lowest elev.)
5,565 feet at mile 24
4,000 feet
9.000 feet
3,593 feet at mile 111

When Heather and I did a scouting drive along the route, to paraphrase Sally Carrera from the movie Cars, ‘We fell in love with the idea of how cars used to come across the country a whole different way. The road didn’t cut through the land. It moved with the land. It rose, it fell, it curved. Cars drove on it to have a great time.’ We want you to get an even more intimate glimpse into that time; a time before I-40.

Travel through rolling grassland dotted with Burma Shave signs, wide open valleys where cows graze and trains carry America’s commerce, pinyon pine and juniper forests that smell fresher than morning dew, sun-kissed deserts with forests of cacti, and marshland protecting waterfowl and migrating birds.

Savor the sights, greet the locals along the way. Take plenty of photos and make lots of memories. Because you see, America still has a Main Street. You can discover it in the most intimate way possible: one step at a time for runners, and a few miles at a time for your crew. We think you’ll fall in love, just like we did.

Crew, Pacers, and Vehicles

Each runner must have a dedicated support crew of 2 to 4 people, with at least 2 people crewing their runner at all times. We suggest using or renting a minivan for your crew to work out of. There will be a maximum size limit of 30 feet in length due to restrictions on Sitgreaves Pass, and a maximum of approximately 8 feet in width. Race rules will provide further details.

If you believe you can finish the 140 Route in less than 30 hours, you could possibly have only 2 crew members who stay in your crew vehicle for the entire race. Runners may apply for this option with acceptance by the RDs on a case-by-case basis.

However, if you anticipate taking more than 30 hours to finish the race, you should plan on 3 to 4 crew members. We strongly suggest you use a second, smaller, shuttle vehicle so your crew can work in shifts, two people at a time. DROWSY DRIVING is as dangerous as drunk driving! In controlled studies where researchers were able to measure the amount of sleep deprivation, drunk and drowsy driving both result in a similar amount of crashes. Do NOT put your crew, and other drivers, at risk!

We will provide detailed suggestions for what you need to pack and how to set up your van, as well as how to have your crew work in shifts. These suggestions are based on Heather’s many, many, many days and months crewing for Marshall during his 2008 record-setting 3,063 mile run across America, numerous 146 mile crossings of Death Valley from Badwater to the Summit of Mount Whitney, and other events. So, stay tuned!

If you want to use a pacer, this person must be a part of your crew. Pacers will not be allowed until after race mileage 37 at Peach Springs, AZ. Race rules will provide further details.

Getting there and back

We suggest either driving to Seligman, AZ for the pre-race activities and the start, or flying into or out of Las Vegas, NV. You could also fly into Flagstaff, AZ, but the availability of rental vehicles may be limited in Flagstaff.

Total drive time from the Las Vegas airport to Seligman is approximately 2 hours 45 miles to cover 179 miles.

You could do any needed grocery and supply shopping in Las Vegas, or wait until you get to Kingman, which is 107 miles or an approximately 1 hour 40 minute drive from the airport, leaving another 1 hour 5 minute to get from Kingman to Seligman.

After the finish party at Topock66 (you’ll want to stay for the fun!) drive time from Topock to the Las Vegas airport is approximately 2 hours 10 minutes to cover 124 miles.

Where to Stay & things to do

Where To Stay

Where to Stay and Things to Do For the pre-race activities we recommend staying in Seligman, AZ. We will provide specific hotel suggestions soon.

During the course of the race, we recommend getting a room for your crew at the Hualapai Lodge in Peach Springs, AZ and or a recommended hotel (to be announced) in Kingman, AZ.

Post-race, we recommend staying in Lake Havasu City, AZ (the London Bridge really did ‘fall down’ and move to Arizona!), a recommended hotel in Kingman, or the Hualapai Lodge in Peach Springs. If you are one of the runners that can finish the course well under the 60 hour cutoff we will have a complete list of cool activities in the area for you and your crew. We may even have a few freebies to give away! If you fall in love with the course, the history, and the people as much as we have, one of the things you’ll want to do is go back and immerse yourself in all that Historic Route 66 has to offer.

Things to Do

Rent a kayak or jet ski in Topock. Or take a Colorado River boat trip from Lake Havasu up to Topock66. Spend time feeding burros in Oatman; be sure to say hello to April and Don at Fast Fanny’s! Visit Cool Springs, the Route 66 Museum in Kingman, Giganticus Headicus, Hackberry, Grand Canyon Caverns, and the birthplace of the historic route in Seligman, Angel & Vilma Delgadillo’s Original Route 66 Gift Shop. Or visit the Skywalk at Grand Canyon West (just don’t ask Heather to walk out there with you!). While the run may have been long, it takes less than 3 hours to drive from Topock66 all the way to Seligman. Get out there. Have some fun with your crew; they deserve it!


Did you know it snows in Arizona? Well, it does! And it’s possible to have snow along on the Route, especially the first 37 miles of the Route from Seligman to Peach Springs.

Did you know Seligman is at almost the same elevation as the “Mile High” city of Denver, CO? Well, at 5,258 feet, it is. Average November temperatures range from 28° to just 62°F. So pack warm clothes, in layers. And make sure your crew is prepared for cold weather too!

Did you know you might be able to swim in the pool at Topock66 Colorado river in November. Well, if it reaches the average high of 78°F, you might just want your swimsuit! But nights there can get down to 37°F so you’ll need to keep your layers handy.

Rules and Codes of Conduct

Detailed race rules to come.
In general, our code of conduct is: be nice and have fun!


Information to come soon!