Other Supporters - Route66 Ultra Run

Other Supporters


We thank the following business along the Route for supporting the Route 66 UltraRun by providing coupons or other items for our participants’ race bags.

Angel and Vilma’s Original Route 66 Gift Shop

To say there probably would not be a Historic Route 66 without Angel and Vilma Delgadillo is not hyperbole. Just as it’s not an extreme exaggeration to say that we might not have been able to pull off the inaugural race without the support of the Delgadillo family, especially youngest daughter Clarissa. Starting when RDs Marshall and Heather did “The Walk” in early 2022 as a fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association – which was the inspiration for us to create the event – the Delgadillo’s have supported our efforts, first by putting our fundraising cards in their shop and cheering us on, to meeting Angel and Vilma at the Historic Route 66 Association Fun Run where Angel agree to start the race for us, to Clarissa putting us in touch with the right people to town to meet all of our needs and championing our cause by passing posters out around town, they’ve done it all. In addition, they’ve provided a discount coupon for the entire Team – runners, crew, staff, and volunteers – for purchases at their shop. They will also open the shop early on race day to provide facilities for our participants and to be there to cheer them on.

Thank you, Angel, Vilma, the entire Delgadillo family, and the Original Route 66 Gift Shop for all that you’ve done to make our vision a reality, and for your continued kindness and support!

Fast Fanny’s and So Many Others in Oatman

We also couldn’t have gotten everything put together on the other end of the Route without the kindness and support of the people and businesses of Oatman, especially April Etue at Fast Fanny’s, who was also a supporter – and donor – to the fight to end ALZ during “The Walk.” April has been a one-woman marketing machine for us, prompting us to make posters for key locations along the Route (a great idea!), sharing information with everyone she could think of, including area press and calendars, and handing out posters all around town. She’s been a key source of information and guidance about who to talk to – or she’ll talk to them for us – to get things set up like a location for the Time Station, getting public bathrooms to stay open at night for our participants, and connecting with the fire department and local historic society. She even got all of these shops in town agree to give our participants a discount at their stores, and got copies of “Outlaw Willie’s Oatman Tour” souvenir DVD for our runners.

Thank you, April, Oatman shop owners, and Outlaw Willie for everything you’ve done to ensure the inaugural Route 66 UltraRun came to fruition. We greatly appreciate your continued kindness and support!

Antares, Home of Giganticus Headicus

Antares Point is along the longest continuous curve on a U.S. Hwy (approx. 2 miles) and offers fantastic views into the Arizona desert. The location, formerly Kozy Corner Trail Park (“Cozy Cone” ring a bell, Sally?) features Giganticus Headicus, a 14 foot tall Tiki style head created in 2003 and 2004 by local artist Gregg Arnold. Some of Arnold’s other art projects are displayed around the location. Was it placed by aliens? Manager Charles Black believes, and shared magnets for our runners to encourage them to believe as well. In concert with the other iconic and quirky businesses along the Route, Antares has supported our efforts beginning with The Walk and helped us spread the word about the event by prominently displaying our poster. Thanks Antares team!

Hackberry General Store

Amy Franklin is the owner and unofficial museum curator at the Hackberry General Store. Her support of our vision for the Route 66 UltraRun started at the beginning – yes, The Walk – and continues through displaying our poster, coming out to the start in her classic car to pace the runners the first mile in Seligman, and agreeing to stay open until midnight to support our participants. Thanks Amy!

A True Team Effort

Truly, all of the businesses have been supportive, including those mentioned above for product sponsorship and other work but also includes, but is not limited to:

  • Westside Lilo’s in Seligman manager Brenda who will open at 5:30 the morning of the race to feed our participants and pack over 15 breakfast to-go boxes for our volunteers.
  • The Canyon Lodge in Seligman, hosting us to set up Race Headquarters for a couple of days.
  • The Hualapai Lodge in Peach Springs for allowing us to set up our Time Station in their parking lot
  • The Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona, especially Nikki Seagers and Board Member and City of Kingman Tourism Director Josh Noble.
  • Cool Springs, that has risen from the ashes more time than a phoenix 
  • Topock66 Colorado River that is hosting our finish line and our post-race Awards Banquet