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The City of Kingman – rugged, adventurous and unafraid – is the Heart of Historic Route 66. The dedicated staff of the Office of Tourism work every day to ensure the world knows about Kingman and the Route. We are grateful for their support of the Route 66 UltraRun as our Silver Sponsor. With their generous cash sponsorship, which we are certain will be more than repaid through lodging, shopping, and grand experiences in the city that our participants will share, we will be able to provide our runners, crew, and volunteers with some of the best swag in ultra races. We thank the Kingman Office of Tourism for your support to ensure the success of our race and our joint efforts to safeguard Historic Route 66.


While the Route 66 UltraRun takes place along the public historic highway, your RDs acknowledge and respect the fact that we are passing through the Hualapai Indian Reservation. Hualapai means “People of the Tall Pines.” In 1883 an executive order established the Hualapai reservation. You may have heard of the “Skywalk,” a glass bridge that enables visitors to walk beyond the rim of the Grand Canyon at 4,000 feet above the Colorado River, which is operated by the Tribe. Learn more about the Hualapai people.

Since first doing “The Walk” – 6 Marathons in 6 Days on Route 66 – in the spring of 2022 as a fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association, which motivated us to create the race, and meeting officers with the Hualapai Tribal police we have been in contact with them and the Tribal Council as a part of our race planning. As a race that respects the history of the Route as well as the native people that have been a part of the land for eons, and as a race for everyone, we are especially honored that members of the Hualapai Tribe will be participating in the 2nd Annual Route 66 UltraRun sponsored by the Tribe. Our sincere thanks to the Hualapai Tribal Council for sponsoring runners from the Tribe to participate in our event. It will be an honor to have them as a part of the Route 66 UltraRun.


The first Time Station for the Route 66 UltraRun at 46 miles along the Route is in Peach Springs, AZ which is also the Tribal headquarters for the Hualapai Tribe. The beautiful Hualapai Lodge managed by the tribal Grand Canyon West organization is again allowing us to set up our Time Station the Lodge parking lot at no expense. The Lodge is also sponsoring the Time Station by providing rooms for our volunteers and for our Medical Team, if needed. We greatly appreciate the support and sponsorship provided by the Hualapai Lodge for our race.

The Hualapai Lodge is the primary starting point for travelers looking to explore the raw Grand Canyon landscape via whitewater rafting, hiking, fishing, hunting, and more. Experience the historic charm of Route 66 and the unique culture of the Hualapai Tribe. The hotel offers comfortable suites, a concierge to help you plan your adventures, an onsite restaurant, market and trading post.

In addition to the sponsorship of the Hualapai Lodge for our Time Station, the Prescott Area Trail Runners (PATR) are supporting the Route 66 UltraRun by providing volunteers to staff the Time Station. We are thrilled that this Arizona-based running group is coming out to support our runners. Thanks PATR!


We thank the following companies for sponsoring the 2nd Annual Route 66 UltraRun from Seligman, AZ to Topock66 Colorado River November 11-13 by providing products for our participants’ race bags and/or amazing product giveaways for our Awards Banquet raffle. It is our honor to introduce these quality companies and their products to those that somehow may not have heard of them yet, or reinforce their love of these amazing companies they already support. Either way, we appreciate the support of all of our product sponsors.


Born in the Mountains, KÜHL is many things.

KÜHL is art at its highest, captivating all dimensions: beauty, desire, logic and reason. Never satisfied with current standards, KÜHL questions everything and is always searching and questioning the norm. KÜHL combines the study of body mechanics with a focus on fit while your body is in motion. KÜHL is passion, at the crossroads where beauty and desire meet logic and reason. KÜHL is always innovating, combining art, science and pure craftsmanship with groundbreaking designs that change the status-quo and set new benchmarks. Born from their rebellious philosophy to question everything, break the rules and reject the status quo, KÜHL focuses on the freedom of movement.

Kuhl supported the Stray Dogs in the World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji, including Route 66 UltraRun Race Directors Heather (team assistant crew) and athletes Marshall Ulrich and Medical Team leader Dr. Bob Haugh by providing all of the clothing for Team Stray Dogs’ uniforms, and more casual clothing for pre- and post-race events. The Stray Dogs had the KÜHL-est, most functional, and best-looking uniforms in the race, hands down. KÜHL’s support then, and continued support now, is appreciated and valued more than we can express. Many other members of the Route 66 UltraRun Team and our friends and family wear KÜHL . . . a lot! Meaning, it’s about the only thing you’ll see them wearing.

It truly is our honor to share all that KÜHL is and that we believe in with all of our participants, and with all of you. Thanks for your support KÜHL!

Potency 710

Potency is defined as “The power of something to influence or make an impression” which is what Potency No. 710 is setting out to achieve. When Aesthetician Mandy Lile created Potency No. 710, she was already working with plant based ingredients some 20 years, but she became very intrigued by the mystery of what she felt may be the long lost secret ingredient in skincare, cannabis. After embracing cannabinoids like CBD and CBG in her product formulas, and seeing the results and abundance of testimonials, the answer was revealed, and Potency No. 710 has been disrupting the skincare scene with cannabinoid skincare products since 2018. Mandy’s force and intentions ensure that the products Potency offers stand apart from the rest, making it more than a brand but rather a lifestyle.

Marshall and Heather met Mandy at Topock66 last year at the race finish line. Local to the area, Mandy came over and introduced herself and let your RDs know that, in honor of the ones that have supported her along her journey, she loves to give back through various philanthropy efforts including sponsoring events. We’re thankful she chose to support the Route 66 UltraRun through product donations for our Awards Banquet raffle. Thank you, Mandy and Potency 710!

ENGO Blister Prevention Patches

Don’t let blisters hold you back. Stay active and blister-free with ENGO Blister Prevention Patches. ENGO uses patented technology to reduce the friction that causes blisters and painful rubbing. You don’t have to stop running, hiking, or being active. Protect your feet with ENGO. You apply these ultra-thin, self-adhesive patches to your shoes or athletic equipment – not to the skin – to prevent blisters by eliminating friction. ENGO patches are ideal for runners, hikers, women who wear high heels, tennis players, hockey players, football players, hunters, lacrosse players, dancers, people who spend much of the day on their feet, and anyone else who suffers from blisters. ENGO patches are also perfect for breaking in new shoes, including high heels, dress shoes, and work boots. Athletes apply ENGO to their boots, shoes, high heels, dress shoes, skates, helmets, and athletic equipment.

Marshall has been using ENGO since they were first developed and has put them to the test in Death Valley, the jungles of Fiji, and on the highest mountains in the world, and THEY WORK. Thank ENGO for providing your patches for our runners!


Founded in 1898, Deuter can look back on a long history. But they also have a lot to say about their employees, their philosophy and everything around it. Their key values include loving their work, especially mountain sports, a commitment to long-term success, and focusing on safety, teamwork, and leadership.

Marshall especially likes the air comfort mesh panel that keeps the pack from riding directly on your back, which he really put to the test during his 425-mile self supported circumnavigation of Death Valley National park. Heather and Marshall’s daughter Ali are thankful that they design packs especially for women! What a concept, right? Deuter also has a line of packs for running. Thanks, Deuter, for providing products for our Awards Banquet raffle!

Rhino Skin

Rhino makes earth grown topical performance products for skin, muscles and joints. Rhino pledges to be a responsible company by donating at least 1% of sales to nonprofits and community building events we believe in.  Rhino also currently buys renewable energy offsets and will be 100% solar powered by the end of 2023. The Route 66 UltraRun is grateful for the very generous product sponsorship from Rhino Skin, and we’re pleased to once again share their products with our participants and to all of our volunteers. Thanks Rhino Skin!


The Historic Route 66 Association is dedicated to the preservation, protection, and promotion of both the surface, and the memories along Arizona’s portion of Route 66.

The mission of the Alzheimer’s Association is to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health. Their vision is a world without Alzheimer’s.

The Route 66 UltraRun supports both the Alzheimer’s Association and the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona through donating a percentage of race registrations to each Association, as well as encouraging our runners to do their own fundraising for them, and by asking for donations from people like you. In return, these Associations are supporting the race by providing branded giveaways to all of our runners and volunteers. Thanks to both Associations for helping us spread the word about your good works!


ver since discovering this longest remaining stretch of Historic Route 66 in the spring of 2022 when your RDs the “The Walk” – 6 marathons in 6 days on Route 66 – we have appreciated the dedication of the businesses along the Route to preserving the history and keeping the ideals of small town America alive. While all of the businesses deserve your support – come out to the Route to experience iconic Americana yourself – in particular we want to thank these businesses for supporting the Route 66 UltraRun.

Angel and Vilma’s Original Route 66 Gift Shop

To say there probably would not be a Historic Route 66 without Angel and Vilma Delgadillo is not hyperbole. Just as it’s not an extreme exaggeration to say that we might not have been able to pull off the inaugural race without the support of the Delgadillo family, especially youngest daughter Clarissa. Starting when RDs Marshall and Heather did “The Walk” in early 2022 as a fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association – which was the inspiration for us to create the event – the Delgadillo’s have supported our efforts, first by putting our fundraising cards in their shop and cheering us on, to meeting Angel and Vilma at the Historic Route 66 Association Fun Run where Angel agreed to start the race for us, to Clarissa putting us in touch with the right people to town to meet all of our needs and championing our cause by passing posters out around town, they’ve done it all. In addition, they’ve provided a discount coupon for the entire Team – runners, crew, staff, and volunteers – for purchases at their shop. Not only will Angel start the race for us again this year, They will also open the shop early on race day to provide facilities for our participants and to be there to cheer them on.

Thank you, Angel, Vilma, the entire Delgadillo family, and the Original Route 66 Gift Shop for all that you’ve done to make our vision a reality, and for your continued kindness and support!

Lilo’s West Side Diner

Discover the ultimate destination for delicious meals and unique souvenirs at Westside Lilo’s Café. We are huge fans of their savory home-cooked meals, bigger food portions, and exceptional service in a welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for sharing a meal with family and friends. Heather is a huge fan of their world famous Carrot Cake! Just like last year, Westside Lilo’s manager Brenda will open at 5:30 the morning of the race to feed our participants. They will definitely be well fueled. Thanks Brenda and Lilo’s!

Route 66 Canyon Lodge

The Route 66 Canyon Lodge motel is located in the heart of Seligman Historic District, almost directly across the street from Angel’s shop where the race starts. With fun Route 66-themed rooms, it’s easy to get in the spirit of the race. We are thrilled that the guys at motel continue to host our Race Headquarters where we book rooms for us and all of our volunteers. Having clean, well-appointed rooms helps stressed RDs to relax with plenty of restaurants and shops within walking distance.

Hackberry General Store

Amy Franklin is the owner and unofficial museum curator at the Hackberry General Store. Her support of our vision for the Route 66 UltraRun started at the beginning – yes, The Walk – and continues through displaying our poster, coming out to the start in her classic car to pace the runners the first mile in Seligman, and agreeing to stay open until midnight to support our participants. Thanks Amy!

Antares, Home of Giganticus Headicus

Antares Point is along the longest continuous curve on a U.S. Hwy (approx. 2 miles) and offers fantastic views into the Arizona desert. The location, formerly Kozy Corner Trail Park (“Cozy Cone” ring a bell, Sally?) features Giganticus Headicus, a 14 foot tall Tiki style head created in 2003 and 2004 by local artist Gregg Arnold. Some of Arnold’s other art projects are displayed around the location. Was it placed by aliens? Manager Charles Black believes, and shared magnets for our runners to encourage them to believe as well. In concert with the other iconic and quirky businesses along the Route, Antares has supported our efforts beginning with The Walk and helped us spread the word about the event by prominently displaying our poster. Thanks Antares team!

Fast Fanny’s and So Many Others in Oatman

We also couldn’t have gotten everything put together on the other end of the Route without the kindness and support of the people and businesses of Oatman, especially April Etue at Fast Fanny’s, who was also a supporter – and donor – to the fight to end ALZ during “The Walk.” April has been a one-woman marketing machine for us, prompting us to make posters for key locations along the Route (a great idea!), sharing information with everyone she could think of, including area press and calendars, and handing out posters all around town. She’s been a key source of information and guidance about who to talk to – or she’ll talk to them for us – to get things set up like a location for the Time Station, securing Wi-Fi access so we can use the tracking and timing service, getting public bathrooms to stay open at night for our participants, and connecting with the fire department and local historic society. She even got all of these shops in town agree to give our participants a discount at their stores, and got copies of “Outlaw Willie’s Oatman Tour” souvenir DVD for our runners.

Thank you, April and Oatman shop owners for everything you’ve done to ensure the inaugural Route 66 UltraRun came to fruition and for your continued kindness and support. We greatly appreciate everything you’ve done for us.


Topock66 – complete with an outdoor patio and pool area with swim-up bar – might be known as a hot spot to party during spring break, but it’s so much more! They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner with views that will blow you away. Located on the Colorado River Topock66 Marina and Riverstore is a one-of-a-kind destination that draws people throughout the country to come and enjoy. The great management team and chef at Topock66 will once again allow us to host our finish line in the parking lot. There couldn’t be a better spot, right at 140 miles from the start in Seligman. We also have our Awards Banquet at Topock66, and we truly do mean BANQUET! The food is mouth-watering and delicious. So much more than ‘just bar food’ and world’s above more typical postrace fare like bagels, cut up bananas, or cold pizza. We’re talking slow smoked prime rib and chicken, pasta primavera, delicious sides, dessert, and a full bar (two drink coupons included for runners and two crew people, and for our volunteers! It is the Race for Everyone after all). A huge thanks to Chip and his team for their facilities, food, and impeccable service that sets the Route 66 UltraRun Awards Banquet above anything in the ultrarunning world.


We couldn’t put on the race without the support and permitting of the following agencies. We appreciate the efforts of the staff in guiding us through the permitting process to ensure we meet all of their requirements. They work hard, and are greatly appreciated.

Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)
Mohave County
City of Kingman
Yavapai County

As a certified U.S.A. Track and Field (USATF) running event, we rely on USATF to provide insurance coverage for our event, including naming numerous additional insured agencies and businesses. Thanks to the folks at USATF and their insurance carrier for your professional and prompt support in providing all of the certificates of insurance (COIs). We couldn’t hold the Route 66 UltraRun without you. Your support is truly appreciated.